Videos | How to Do Lymphatic Massages to Improve Your Health

Learn How To Do Lymphatic Massages and You Will Improve Your Health

Lymphatic Massages for:

Head – Neck – Ears – Arms – Legs – Trunk – Abdomen

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches that lymphatic massages are good for almost anyone for almost any health problem – because the lymph system has some involvement in almost every health problem.  In general, treating your lymph system will help you no matter what health problem you have. 

Because our lymph system is responsible for cleansing nearly every cell in our bodies, some of the symptoms of an improperly functioning lymph system are as follows.  Generally, you feel tired, and may often feel an abdominal heaviness.  Other symptoms can include worsened acne, allergies, loss of appetite arthritis, bloating and swelling, fibrocystic breasts, breast tenderness, cellulite, colds, depression, fatigue, flu infections, food sensitivities, various gastrointestinal problems, headaches, joint pain, menstrual cramps, mental fuzziness, migraines, mood irregularities, muscle cramping, parasites, sinusitis, and various skin problems, including skin breakouts.

These videos show excellent details about how to properly do lymphatic massages.

When you watch these videos, you will quickly see how and where on your body to do a lymphatic massage. It is easy to remember because it is so logical – “you just learn to follow the flow” of the lymph system channels!


Video:  Health Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Video:  Head and Neck Lymphatic Massage

Video:  Ears  Lymphatic Massage

Video:  Arms and Hands Lymphatic Massage

(Do Head, Neck, and Ears before doing Arms and Hands)

Video:  Trunk and Abdomen Part 1  Lymphatic Massage

Video:  Trunk and Abdomen Part 2  Lymphatic Massage

Video:  Legs  Lymphatic Massage


Lymphatic Massage – Massage by Heather

The Lymph System and Your Health




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