Video | Quit Smoking | Use Self-Applied Acupressure to Stop Smoking

You can help yourself stop smoking by using self-applied acupressure or by seeing an acupuncturist.

This video shows the key acupuncture points that you want to treat to help yourself quit smoking.

In the video, the points are treated with a form of acupuncture. But you can accomplish the same thing using your fingertips to apply self-applied acupressure.

When applying self-applied acupressure:

1 – Press each point using the fingertip of any of your fingers, but often using the index or middle finger gives the best results.

2 – Press each point for up to two or three minutes (or until you feel a pulse beat where your finger touches the point if that occurs sooner).

3 – When you press a point on one side of your body, then at the same time, press the identical point on the other side of your body. If you cannot reach both points at the same time, then, first, press a point on the left side and then, second, press the identical point on the right side.

To accomplish your goal of quitting smoking, use this Self-Applied Acupressure once or twice a day.  Over a period of several weeks, you will be on the road to ending your smoking habit.



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