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This is one of the world’s best trigger point treatment sites.  It has a phenomenal online interactive trigger point finder map tool, and it teaches us how to painlessly treat trigger points.

The interactive trigger point finder map tool and the site have been developed by Doctor Jonathan Kuttner of New Zealand who was severely injured in a hang gliding accident and discovered how to successfully cure his injuries. Now he is devoting his life to helping other people with musculoskeletal problems.

Kuttner’s site has a superb online Interactive Trigger Point Finder Map Tool.

You will not believe how easy and quick it is to find and treat all of the correct pain trigger points with this interactive trigger point finder tool. The finder tool gives you instantaneous maps-charts. It is amazingly helpful.

It’s one of the best tools I have ever seen. I had never used trigger point therapy before because trigger point therapy is usually so painful. Plus, it always seemed so ridiculously complicated to find the right trigger point to treat a particular muscle.

But not any more. Kuttner’s trigger point finder tool gives us instantaneous maps that make it so easy to find the correct trigger points.  Besides that, Kuttner’s methods make it so painless to treat the trigger points!

Kuttner’s online interactive trigger point map tool helps you:

Quickly find

Exactly which trigger point is aggravating

Which muscle…

So that you can….

Quickly treat

The trigger point

To relieve

The painful muscle….

CLICK HERE to use the free Online Interactive Trigger Point Maps Tool


CLICK to use the free online Interactive Trigger Point Maps Tool

In addition, at the link below, get his free Trigger Point Manual to learn how to painlessly treat trigger points.

When you get the manual, you will also receive a series of emails over a period of days in which he gives you a great deal of free info on how to do and how to use painless trigger point therapy to successfully treat painful muscles

So be sure to get Kuttner’s no cost trigger point manual and sign up for his no cost email series – Kuttner sends you a huge amount of free pain treatment information in his emails.

Even if you do not have pain, you or a loved one might someday. So go to these links and save the information so you will have it when you need it.

CLICK to use the free online Interactive Trigger Point Maps Tool

CLICK to get the free Trigger Point Manual and the free Email Series that gives you a large amount of high quality free information about treating your pain.


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