Turmeric ends colds, flu, and congestion, sinus symptoms and fatigue

colds, flu, and congestion

Using Turmeric for your colds, flu, and congestion.

Fall and spring colds, flu, and congestion are usually caused by changes in seasonal temperatures which either thickens or thins our lymph system fluid to cause lymphatic congestion and a build-up of mucus or phlegm. 

Colds, flu, and congestion are the result!

Turmeric is one of the most effective natural herbs to deal with your lymphatic congestion and get rid of your colds, flu, and congestion, Turmeric is available as Turmeric Root Extract Capsules or you can even use turmeric spice.

Turmeric ends colds, flu, and congestion by first thinning the mucus. This thinning action unclogs the lymph system. Then turmeric moves the lymph, the blood and the body energy to eliminate the mucus-producing lymphatic congestion – which is the underlying cause of most colds, flu, and congestion, sinus problems and the accompanying lethargy.

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