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Are you familiar with Active Manuka Honey? It’s the New Zealand originated honey that can really boost your health. Active UMF Manuka honey has extraordinary and powerful medical properties. The recognition of the healing properties of the New Zealand-originated Active UMF Manuka Honey is rapidly increasing around the world. Find out what Active UMF Manuka Honey can do for your health. 



Active Manuka Honey is made by honey bees who feed on the Manuka bush, which is a extraordinary plant itself. The Kakariki parakeets use this plant to rid themselves of parasites by chewing the leaves and bark and applying the sap to their feathers. The Maori people have also known about the special traits of this tree for centuries. They have been using parts of this plant as an effective folk medicine for centuries. 

Honey was used to treat infected wounds as long ago as 2000 years before bacteria were discovered to be the cause of infection. The invention of antibiotics in the 20th century resulted in a setback in the use of honey as a medicine. Before that time, health-boosting honey was used by almost all cultures in history. But now, once again, the medicinal use of this natural product - Active Manuka Honey -  is growing not only among consumers but also among medical health professionals – even though many medical professionals have the tendency to adhere to the opinion that only pharmaceutical products are useful. 

Several clinical trials have proven Manuka honey’s efficacy and others are being conducted at the moment. Some of the most comprehensive Active Manuka Honey research has been done at New Zealand’s Waikato University. 

Manuka Honey and Active Manuka Honey have been researched for over 20 years by Dr. Peter Molan, Senior Lecturer at the Waikato University in New Zealand. The Waikato Honey Research Unit led by professor Peter Molan has done ground-breaking research on the medical benefits of Manuka honey. Dr. Molan has discovered that this honey has unique medicinal properties that cannot be found in any other honey or food. 

According to professor Molan’s research, Active Manuka Honey has a broad spectrum of action and it works on bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. In fact, they have not found any infectious organisms on which it does not work. 

Dr. Molan has found that Manuka Honey seems to naturally destroy staph and strep. Active Manuka Honey seems to naturally destroy staphaureus, streptococcus (even antibiotic resistant MRSA, Golden Staph), as well as h. pylori (helicobacter pylori), the bacteria typically associated with stomach ulcers. 

Manuka honey has shown to effectively treat the MRSA bug where antibiotics fail. It is also used to treat wounds, ulcers and burns where it quickly regenerates skin resulting in a decreased chance on infections and less scarring. 

Apart from this it is used to relieve digestive complaints such as acid reflux, gastritis, heartburn and indigestion. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties help reduce the pain of these stomach complaints. Professor Molan suggests taking a teaspoon of Manuka honey with a small amount of toast three times a day to relieve digestive issues. 

Some people have noticed improvements on psoriasis or other forms of eczema thanks to the use of Manuka honey. The osmotic effects created by the honey hydrate the affected area - alleviating inflammation. Manuka Honey’s acidic and antibacterial characteristics have shown to reduce acne by killing bacteria aggravating pores that lead to acne. 

UMF Active Manuka Honey is a low cost alternative to other medications, has no known side-effects, and is suitable for vegetarians. 

For more information about Dr. Molan’s Research work, please visit these links to the website of Waikato University. 

These are some of the internal conditions that Active Manuka Honey UMF 16+ may be used to treat: 

Acid Reflux 


Diverticulitis (milder forms of) 

Duodenal Ulcer 


Esophagus Ulcer 


H. pylori (helicobacter pylori), the bacteria typically associated with stomach ulcers 



IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) 

Peptic Ulcer 

Stomach Ulcer 

Ulcerative Colitis 

Upset Stomach 

To treat the above Internal Conditions, use as follows: 

Take one TEAspoon of Active Manuka Honey UMF 16+ on a small piece (about one square inch) of food (such as bread, toast, cracker, slice of banana, etc), four times a day, 30 minutes before each of your main meals and before going to bed. Do not drink or eat anything else during this 30 minutes. 

To treat Morning Sickness: 

Mix half a TEAspoon of ginger juice, one TEAspoon of fresh lime juice, one TEAspoon of mint juice and one TEAspoon of Active Manuka Honey UMF 16+. Take 3-4 times a day. 

These are some of the External conditions that may be treated with Active Manuka Honey UMF 16+: 

Amputation or Stump Wound (including Diabetic) 

Bed Sore 

Burns (first, second, and third degree) 

Chemical Burn 

Cosmetic Scars 

Decubitus Ulcer 

Diabetic Wound 

Foot or Leg Ulcer (including Diabetic) 

Foot Sore 

Leg Sore (including Diabetic & open leg sores) 

MRSA or VRE staph infected wounds 

Open Wound 

Scars (new or old) 

Skin Ulcer 


Surgical Scars 

Wound Infection 

To treat the above External Conditions, use as follows: 

Gently cleanse the area with sterile saline solution. Apply a medium amount of Active Manuka Honey UMF 16+ to sterile gauze. Next apply the gauze with the honey over the affected area. It is recommended that you change the dressing every 12 to 24 hours. 

To treat the following conditions, apply Active Manuka Honey 16+ to the affected area 2 -3 times a day. 

Acne - After washing your face apply Active Manuka Honey UMF 16+ as a thin layer. Leave for approximately 20 minutes and then wash off with warm water. 


Athletes Foot 

Minor Cuts 


Insect Bites and Stings 

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  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for Great information. I will return often.
    This has been very helpful!
    Emma Lee

  2. howardski says:

    doesn’t all honey everywhere essentially do the same thing in terms of healing properties and relief of various symptoms? or does new zealand honey contain some ingredients that no other honey has?

    • admin says:

      All honey is good honey. But Active Manuka Honey from New Zealand is very different from other honey. Please see the links in the article and please check around the internet for much more about New Zealand’s Active Manuke Honey. Thanks!

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