Video: Lymphatic Massage: Congestion drains away, stress melts away, and muscles relax with do it yourself lymphatic massage

Do-it-yourself lymphatic massage

Do-It-Yourself Lymphatic Massage

The easy do-it-yourself lymphatic massage

Drain away your congestion. Reduce your stress. Relax your tense, tight muscles. Reduce the effects of sinus, colds and flu. Help get all of your muscles, organs, and body systems to function optimally with this simple once-a-day exercise:  the do it yourself full body lymphatic massage  

In this video, Donna Eden is massaging all of the body’s lymphatic massage points to improve the function of every muscle, every organ, and every system in the body.

Donna Eden is one of the world’s most talented energy medicine healers. When Donna Eden does this simplistic looking exercise in the video below, she is accomplishing much more than promoting the proper flow of lymph.

She is stimulating-pressing all of the neurolymphatic points in order to help stimulate the body’s muscles, organs, and whole body to function optimally.

When doing the exercise shown in the video, it is usually not necessary to press as vigorously or go as fast as does Donna Eden. If you do it more gently, you will get excellent results, too.

In this video, Donna Eden’s lymphatic massage is based upon Kinesiology and Touch for Health – which were developed by two chiropractors, George Goodheart and John Thie, respectively – over 30 years ago. They developed these systems by referring to the TCM Chinese energy meridians and correlating the body’s muscles, organs, and systems to the body’s neurolymphatic points, neurovascular points, spinal reflexes, and more.

Remember, with this simple once-a-day lymphatic massage exercise, anyone can help improve the function of their muscles, organs, and bodily systems.

What it takes is regular, persistent effort! If you make the effort to do this lymphatic massage daily or at least three times per week, you will feel better soon. As you repeat the lymphatic massage over a period of time, you will keep feeling better and better. The benefits are cumulative and can be immense.




A few words about George Goodheart and John Thie and the History of Kinesiology and Touch For Health.


How the Lymphatic Massage Reflex Points Correlate to Our Body Organs

The lymphatic points that Donna Eden is massaging in the video are shown on the diagram below.

When you give yourself a lymphatic massage, you are influencing the function of your internal organs.  Why?  Because each lymphatic reflex point is related to a body organ, so by massaging the lymphatic point that relates to an organ, you are helping the function of that related organ.  

Give it a try.  As an example, if your stomach or small intestine do not feel good for a few hours after eating, find the lymphatic points for the stomach and small intestine and give them a massage.  That is how easy it is to help yourself with the do-it-yourself lymphatic massage. 



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