Humming Prevents and Cures Sinus and Respiratory Congestion and Infections

Yes, humming prevents and cures sinus and respiratory congestion and infections! That seems a bit really weird, so let’s fInd out more about this.

Daily humming accomplishes two things for our sinuses:
(1) increases air exchanged between the sinuses and the nasal passages and
(2) increases blood flow in the sinuses.

During humming, the air exchanged between the nasal passages and the sinuses is 98 percent – almost a complete exchange. But during normal exhalation, without humming, the air exchange rate is only 4 percent.

In addition, sinuses are one of the body’s major producers of nitric oxide. And nitric oxide helps dilate capillaries and increase blood flow in the body. Strikingly, when nitric oxide levels are measured during humming, the nitric oxide levels are 15 times higher than during normal breathing.

Poor air exchange between the sinuses and the nasal passages plus poor blood circulation in the sinus cavities create a good environment for bacteria to grow and develop into infections.

So daily humming could definitely help you prevent sinusitis and upper respiratory infections.

In addition, when we get a sinus or respiratory infection, humming could help us recover faster.

What could be easier than humming. And if humming can help us both prevent and recover from infections, what do we have to lose by trying it.

Source: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 02;166(2):131-2

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