Homeopathy: Proof from scientists about how Homeopathic Remedies work

Scientists and doctors who declare that homeopathy is bunk because of the dilution effect don’t understand the qualities of water, a leading chemist has claimed.

Rustum Roy, research professor of materials at Arizona State University, says that water does indeed have a “memory” and can contain elements of an original substance, even after it has been diluted one million times.

For most scientists, this is an impossibility, and one that defies all scientific laws. But, says Prof Roy, that’s because they haven’t made a special study of water. For those who have, such as Prof Martin Chaplin of the South Bank University in London, the debunkers seem to merely hold to the position that they simply don’t believe it. “Such unscientific rhetoric is heard from the otherwise sensible scientists, with a narrow view of the subject and without any examination or appreciation of the full body of evidence, and reflects badly on them,” he says.

Prof Eugene Stanley at Boston University has catalogued 64 “highly anomalous” property changes in pure water, which, according to materials science, means there must be the same number of different structures in water, or ‘polymorphism’, as he calls it.

Source:  The Guardian, December 19, 2007 – as discussed at WDDTY


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