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Homeopathic Remedy Medicines: The most commonly used homeopathic remedies and the conditions they treat. Homeopathic Remedies are used to treat a huge variety of conditions over the full range of injuries and illnesses. 



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Homeopathic Remedy Medicines:  The most commonly used homeopathic remedies and the conditions they treat. Homeopathic Remedies are used to treat a huge variety of conditions over the full range of  injuries and illnesses.  


Aconitum Napellus  

Initial stages of fevers and inflammations brought about by exposure to dry cold, with anxiety, restlessness and thirst. Discontinue when perspiration sets in.   Get Great Discounts in our Ebay Store! -  

Allium Cepa

Beginning stages of cold with sneezing and streaming eyes. Watery discharge irritates nose, often accompanied by laryngitis with raw sensation down into chest.   Buy Now!

Antimonium Tartaricum

Colds with wheezing cough, much mucous, rattling or bubbling in chest. Patient is pale with cold sweat.   Buy Now!

Antimonium Tartaricum Information from Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory:

Has many symptoms in common with Antimonium Crudum but also many peculiar to itself. Clinically, its therapeutic application has been confined largely to the treatment of respiratory diseases, rattling of mucus with little expectoration has been a guiding symptom. There is much drowsiness, debility and sweat characteristic of the drug, which group should always be more or less present, when the drug is prescribed. Gastric affections of drunkards and gouty subjects. Cholera morbus. Sensation of coldness in blood-vessels. Bilharziasis. Antimonium Tart. is homoeopathic to dysuria, strangury, haematuria, albuminuria, catarrh of bladder and urethra, burning in rectum, bloody mucous stools, etc. Antimonium Tart. acts indirectly on the parasites by stimulating the oxidizing action of the protective substance. By-effects following injection for Bilharziasis. Chills and contractures and pain in muscles. Trembling of whole body, great prostration and faintness. Lumbago. Chills, contractures and muscular pains. Warts on glans penis.

Mind and Head – Vertigo alternates with drowsiness. Great despondency. Fear of being alone. Muttering, delirium, and stupor. Vertigo, with dullness and confusion. Band-like feeling over forehead. Face pale and sunken. Child will not be touched without whining. Headache as from a band compressing.

Tongue – Coated, pasty, thick white, with red edges. Red and dry, especially in the center. Brown.

Face – Cold, blue, pale; covered with cold sweat. Incessant quivering of chin and lower jaw.

Stomach – Difficult deglutition of liquids. Vomiting in any position, excepting lying on right side. Nausea, retching, and vomiting, especially after food, with deathly faintness and prostration. Thirst for cold water, little and often, and desire for apples, fruits, and acids generally. Nausea produces fear; with pressure in praecordial region, followed by headache with yawning and lachrymation and vomiting.

Abdomen – Spasmodic colic, much flatus. Pressure in abdomen, especially on stooping forward. Cholera morbus. Diarrhoea in eruptive diseases.

Urinary – Burning in urethra during and after urinating. Last drops bloody with pain in bladder. Urging increased. Catarrh of bladder and urethra. Stricture. Orchitis.

Respiratory organs – Hoarseness. Great rattling of mucus, but very little is expectorated. Velvety feeling in chest. Burning sensation in chest, which ascends to throat. Rapid, short, difficult breathing; seems as if he would suffocate; must sit up. Emphysema of the aged. Coughing and gaping consecutively. Bronchial tubes overloaded with mucus. Cough excited by eating, with pain in chest and larynx. Oedema and impending paralysis of lungs. Much palpitation, with uncomfortable hot feeling. Pulse rapid, weak, trembling. Dizziness, with cough. Dyspnoea relieved by eructation. Cough and dyspnoea better lying on right side.

Back – Violent pain in sacro-lumbar region. Slightest effort to move may cause retching and cold, clammy sweat. Sensation of heavy weight at the coccyx, dragging downward all the time. Twitching of muscles; limbs tremulous.

Skin – Pustular eruption, leaving a bluish-red mark. Small-pox. Warts.

Fever – Coldness, trembling, and chilliness. Intense heat. Copious perspiration. Cold, clammy sweat, with great faintness. Intermittent fever with lethargic condition.

Sleep – Great drowsiness. On falling asleep electric-like shocks. Irresistible inclination to sleep with nearly all complaints.

Modalities – Worse, in evening; from lying down at night; from warmth; in damp cold weather; from all sour things and milk. Better, from sitting erect; from eructation and expectoration. Buy Now!

Apis Mellifica

Swelling from insect bites, bee stings, urticaria and other acute disorders. Red spots with stinging pain. Patient drowsy and sensitive to heat.   Buy Now!

Arnica Montana

Muscular soreness due to overexertion. The first remedy for swelling, bruising and shock. An athlete’s necessity.   Buy Now!

Arsenicum Album

Stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, often accompanied by great thirst, restlessness, choryza and sciatica. Worse just after midnight. Weakness from overexertion.   Buy Now!


Sudden onset of violent symptoms characterized by flushing heat, and throbbing pain. Patient may have sore throat, cough, aches and fever.   Buy Now!

Bryonia Alba

The flu with aching, dry cough. “Grumpy Bear.” Rheumatic pain worse from motion, better from cold.   Buy Now!

Calcarea Phosphorica

Calc Phos is noted for its effect on the development of bones and teeth. It is essential for growing healthy bones and is useful for children. Calc Phos supports definition and knitting of bones. Good for sore throat and painful swallowing.  Buy Now!


Bladder irritation with painful urination. Cantharis also alleviates pain of burns and scalds.   Buy Now!

Carbo Vegetabilis

Known as the great reliever, Carbo Veg. helps the person who is on the verge of collapse or whose vitality is low after illness.  Head is hot but body often icy cold.   Buy Now!


Hypersensitivity to pain, rheumatic discomfort, sleeplessness and nervous excitability. Relieves colic and teething distress in children.   Buy Now!

Chamomilla Information from Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory:

The chief guiding symptoms belong to the mental and emotion group, which lead to this remedy in many forms of disease. Especially of frequent employment in diseases of children, where peevishness, restlessness, and colic give the needful indications. A disposition that is mild, calm and gentle; sluggish and constipated bowels contra-indicate chamomilla. Chamomilla is sensitive, irritable, thirsty, hot, and numb. Oversensitiveness from abuse of coffee and narcotics. Pains unendurable, associated with numbness. Night-sweats.

Mind- Whining restlessness. Child wants many things which he refuses again. Piteous moaning because he cannot have what he wants. Child can only be quieted when carried about and petted constantly. Impatient, intolerant of being spoken to or interrupted; extremely sensitive to every pain; always complaining. Spiteful, snappish. Complaints from anger and vexation. Mental calmness contraindicates Chamom.

Head – Throbbing headache in one-half of the brain. Inclined to bend head backward. Hot, clammy sweat on forehead and scalp.

Ears – Ringing in ears. Earache, with soreness; swelling and heat driving patient frantic. Stitching pain. Ears feel stopped.

Eyes – Lids smart. Yellow sclerotic. Spasmodic closing of lids.

Nose – Sensitive to all smells. Coryza, with inability to sleep.

Face – One cheek red and hot; the other pale and cold. Stitches in jaw extending to inner ear and teeth. Teeth ache worse after warm drink; worse, coffee, at night. Drives to distraction. Jerking of tongue and facial muscles. Distress of teething children.

Throat – Parotid and submaxillary glands swollen. Constriction and pain as from a plug.

Mouth – Toothache, if anything warm is taken, from coffee, during pregnancy. Nightly salivation.

Stomach – Eructations, foul. Nausea after coffee. Sweats after eating or drinking. Aversion to warm drinks. Tongue yellow; taste bitter. Bilious vomiting. Acid rising; regurgitation of food. Bitter, bilious vomiting. Pressive gastralgia, as from a stone.

Abdomen – Distended. Griping in region of navel, and pain in small of back. Flatulent colic, after anger, with red cheeks and hot perspiration. Hepatic colic. Acute duodenitis.

Stool – Hot, green, watery, fetid, slimy, with colic. Chopped white and yellow mucus like chopped eggs and spinach. Soreness of anus. Diarrhoea during dentition. Haemorrhoids, with painful fissures.

Female – Uterine haemorrhages. Profuse discharge of clotted, dark blood, with labor-like pains. Labor pains spasmodic; press upward. Patient intolerant of pain. Nipples inflamed; tender to touch. Infant’s breasts tender. Yellow, acrid leucorrhoea.

Respiratory – Hoarseness, hawking, rawness of larynx. Irritable, dry, tickling cough; suffocative tightness of chest, with bitter expectoration in daytime. Rattling of mucus in child’s chest.

Back – Insupportable pain in loins and hips. Lumbago. Stiffness of neck muscles.

Extremities – Violent rheumatic pains drive him out of bed at night; compelled to walk about. Burning of soles at night. Ankles give way in the afternoon. Nightly paralytic loss of power in the feet, unable to step on them.

Sleep – Drowsiness with moaning, weeping and wailing during sleep; anxious, frightened dreams, with half-open eyes.

Modalities – Worse, by heat, anger, open air, wind, night. Better, from being carried, warm wet weather.  Buy Now!

Ferrum Phos

Ferrum Phos helps the lungs to distribute oxygen throughout the body. It helps carry the oxygen in the circulatory system and is useful for inflammations (sore throat, stuffy nose), nosebleeds or muscular strains. For first aid, fevers and first stage of inflammations, Ferrum Phos is your remedy.  Buy Now!

Gelsemium Sempervirens

Flu, tension headaches, and colds – especially summer colds. Patient is drowsy, listless and complains f aches and chills, wants to be left alone and is NOT thirsty.  Buy Now!

Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum

Helps to localize inflammation, as in bringing a boil to a head. Also of value in treating croup, certain head colds, sore throats and laryngitis.  Buy Now!

Hypericum Perfoliatum

Hypericum heals bruises on injured parts rich in nerves such as fingertips and toes.  Helps tailbone injuries.  Buy Now!

Ignatia Amara

Relieves feeling of grief, disappointment, anxiety, anger often accompanied by nervous headache. Relieves bedwetting in children and the elderly.   Buy Now!


Primary remedy for nausea and vomiting, gagging cough, upset stomach. Also aids in stopping nosebleeds or bleeding from any part of the body.  Buy Now!

Ledum Palustre

Puncture wounds, stings, bites, Poison Oak, rheumatism and sprains.  Get Excellent Prices in our Ebay Store! – Buy Now!

Magnesia Phos.

Mag Phos is noted for its ability to ease muscular cramping symptoms. It is quick to relieve pain, especially cramping, shooing, darting or spasmodic pains as well as for nerve pains, like sciatica. Symptoms are better from warmth, pressure and bending double but worse from cold.  Buy Now!

Mercurius Vivus

Sore throat, boils and gum disease. Characterized by perspiration, weakness, trembling and sensitivity to temperature changes.  Buy Now!

Nat Phos – (Sodium phosphate or Phosphate of Sodium)

Excellent Remedy for Weight Loss Acid Reflux Sour Stomach plus much more

Homeopathic Nat Phos is the great pH balancer in the body and is one of the most effective natural antacids there is. Whenever there is more acid than necessary in your body, your digestion suffers and there’s heartburn, flatulence, sometimes constipation, sometimes diarrhea.

All this adds up to your metabolic rate not being what it should with the result of more weight than what should be your optimum weight as well as water retention – which also adds to your weight.

If you are looking for fast weight loss, Nat Phos is not for you – it’s a remedy that prides itself on being slow and sure. So no quick weight loss with Nat Phos but it’s steady weight loss till you reach your optimum weight – and the great thing is, the weight stays off!

There are physical, mental and emotional symptoms that call for the tissue salt Natrum Phosphoricum or Nat Phos for short.

How do you know of you need Nat Phos? The signs are in your saliva and your urine. All you need to do is to get yourself some pH paper from the pharmacy and test either your urine or saliva. If the reading is over 6.4, it means your pH is acidic and it calls for this tissue remedy.

Look at some of the other signs that tell you that you could have an acidic constitution. There could be a tendency to gout – with a lot of pain in the big toe – or rheumatism of the joints, the tongue and the tonsils are covered with a creamy yellow coating which screams “excess acid”, any discharge from the nose, throat or eyes have that same creamy-yellow color and there’s a certain sourness in the perspiration, the saliva, the urine. When the pain in the joints grows less, there’s pain in the chest and very often it is this pain caused by acidity that makes people feel they are having a heart attack. Acid reflux or GERD also benefit a lot from this cell salt.

Eczema is yet another symptom of excess acid in the body and very often, the Nat Phos eczema manifests itself at the ankles with intolerable itching. A deficiency of this salt also results in diabetes which seems to disappear when this salt is given, washing out the excess sugar in the blood as it were.

The mental symptoms are worst at night when the person thinks there is someone in the next room and imagines he hears footsteps. And when he goes to look, his imagination makes him feel that the pieces of furniture are actually people hiding there.

Scheussler’s Biochemistry, this cell salt’s primary role in the body is to decompose acids. Thus its remedy, Nat phos in the 6x potency , offers an extremely safe way to treat a range of acid-related conditions in all ages and stages of life.

The sodium phosphate in our digestive tracts breaks down stomach acids and regulates bile. When overwhelmed by fatty, bitter or sugar-filled foods and beverages, including alcohol, the body cannot make enough sodium phosphate to handle all the stomach acids needed for digestion. As a result, we get acid symptoms like heartburn, diarrhea, gas, sour belching and a yellow coating on the back of the tongue. In babies, Nat phos is a very natural gentle way to relieve colic, sour vomiting and sour smelling green diarrhea. In children, Nat phos can ease the crash and headaches of sugar highs. As a safe source for heartburn relief during pregnancy, Nat phos is irreplaceable. Top of the head headaches and sick headaches with sour vomiting find relief in it whether due to morning sickness, dietary excesses or illness.

The sodium phosphate in our muscles keeps them limber and gliding smoothly. When exercise or shock deprives muscles of oxygen, they fill with lactic acid, cramp and stiffen until sodium phosphate breaks down the acids. Thus Nat phos can save hours of discomfort after workouts, weight-lifting or accidents.

Sodium phosphate is also critical in our joints, to keep them free of acidic deposits. Thus the remedy supports balancing relief for stiff or inflamed joints.

When ignored, acidity leads to sick headaches, fatigue, sluggish sour digestion, stiff musculoskeletal symptoms and head colds with yellow mucus and a painful cough. In any of these circumstances, the cell salt remedy Natrum phos, can help the body find its natural balance of sodium phosphate and acidity.

The need for Nat phos help is most marked by two typical symptoms of acid buildup and resulting congestion: sourness– sour belching, vomiting, sour smelling perspiration; and yellowness– yellow mucus, a yellow coating on the back of the tongue, and yellow skin issues.  Nat phos symptoms usually worsen after eating bitter or fatty foods and from mental exertion. Those most in need grow fearful at night and suffer nervous fatigue, indifference and mental dullness.

Nat Phos Information from Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory:

Natrium phosphoricum is the remedy for conditions arising from excess of lactic acid, often resulting from too much sugar. Ailments, with excess of acidity. Sour eructations and taste. Sour vomiting. Yellow, creamy coating at the back of the roof of mouth and tongue. Inflammation of any part of the throat, with sensation of a lump in throat. Flatulence, with sour risings. Colic, with symptoms of worms. Cracking of joints. Jaundice. Oxaluria.

Mind-Imagines, on waking at night, that pieces of furniture are persons; that the hears footsteps in next room. Fear.

Head – Feels dull in the morning, full feeling and throbbing.

Eyes – Discharge of golden-yellow, creamy matter from the eyes. Dilation of one pupil. Whites of eyes dirty yellow.

Ears – One ear red, hot, frequently itchy, accompanied by gastric derangements and acidity.

Nose – Offensive odor. Itching of nose. Naso-pharyngeal catarrh, with thick, yellow, offensive mucus.

Face – Paleness of bluish, florid appearance of face.

Mouth – Canker sores of lip and cheeks. Blisters on tip of tongue, with stinging in evening. Thin, moist coating on the tongue. Yellow, creamy coating at the back part of the roof of the mouth. Dysphagia. Thick, creamy membrane over tonsils and soft palate.

Stomach – Sour eructations, sour vomiting, greenish diarrhoea. Spits mouthful of food.

Male – Emissions without dreams, with weakness in back and trembling in limbs. Desire without erection. Gonorrhoea.

Female – Menses too early; pale, thin, watery. Sterility, with acid secretions from vagina. Leucorrhoea; discharge creamy or honey-colored, or acid and watery. Sour-smelling discharges from uterus. Morning sickness, with sour vomiting.

Extremities – Rheumatism of the knee-joint.

Back – Weariness; aching in wrists and finger-joints. Hamstrings sore. Synovial crepitation. Rheumatic arthritis.

Skin – Yellow. Itching in various parts, especially of ankles. Hives. Smooth, red, shining. Erysipelas. Feet icy cold in daytime, burn at night. Swelling of lymphatic glands.  Buy Now!

Nux Vomica

Gastric and liver disorders occasioned by high living, overeating or excessive medication. “Hangover” medicine, Nux Vomica also can break the laxative headache.  Anxiety, nervousness, irritability, mental strain, Insomnia.  Buy Now!

The stress of deadlines, tests, mental strain, parties, stimulants, sedatives, etc., tend to lower vitality, increase susceptibility, and lead to the many ailments this comprehensive single can relieve, including: Restless cold or flu with extreme chilliness, suffocating cough and fatigue; Digestion with heartburn, gas, vomiting and constipation from fatty food, alcohol, coffee or stress; Pains including pressing headaches, sore lower backaches, and heavy menstrual pains. Keeping an aggravated state from becoming angry or violent is a Nux trademark.

Stress and excesses of work, fun, food, stimulants, anger, etc, can stimulate the symptoms this versatile remedy relieves. When too many deadlines, tests, projects, plans, medications, parties, become too much, we become susceptible to the physical, mental and emotional states that Nux is especially apt at addressing.

Typical adjectives for Nux individuals or states include: competitive, impatient, impulsive, ambitious, aggressive, fastidious, restless… You know the feeling when you have worked harder than anyone else, you know you are right and want to rage against all the red tape? That is typically the Nux moment. Some people are that dedicated or engaged all the time, others only feel it under stress.

Under stress, the Nux workaholic might form habits like drinking a pot of coffee to wake up, overeating during a sedentary day, then taking something to induce sleep, but the remedy can help us all unravel our nerves and change indulgent behavior. Helping an aggravated state from becoming an angry or violent state is a trademark of Nux.

Then there are the physical effects of stress that Nux can relieve. It aids very restless hay fever, cold and flu symptoms that may include extreme chilliness, bone, back and joint pain, headache, suffocating cough and fatigue. Extreme chilliness marks a Nux fever– drafts are unbearable. The cold may have burning mucus that blocks the nose at night and a rough sore throat that sends pain toward the ears on trying to swallow the lump in your throat. Ear pain that hurts on swallowing will often find relief in Nux, as well. The hay fever Nux applies to has these same common cold symptoms.

When the digestive system is stressed, Nux can quickly relieve heartburn, indigestion, gas and constipation from too much fatty food, alcohol/hangovers, coffee, stimulants or other excesses. Car sickness with a faint feeling, stomach flu with bitter vomiting and constipation during pregnancy may need Nux, too.

Then there’s the pain. Nux specializes in pressing, tearing headaches that worsen at night or in the morning especially following mental strain, alcohol or 3 a.m. sleeplessness. Nux also helps backache with pressing bruised pain in lower back and periods with heavy aching pain and lower back spasms.

Illness and fatigue bring out Nux’s most impatient, irritable and hypersensitive behaviors. Nux patients find relief in a nap, moist air and hot drinks, and aggravation in cold open air, tight clothes, stimulation and on waking early. Without Nux, the only alternative for such workaholics may be utter fatigue, which falls under Nux’s range of support as well.

Nux Vomica Information from Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory:

Nux Vomica is about the most widely used homeopathic remedy because the bulk of its symptoms correspond in similarity with those of the commonest and most frequent of diseases.

It is frequently the first remedy, indicated after much dosing, establishing a sort of equilibrium of forces and counteracting chronic effects. Nux is pre-eminently the remedy for many of the conditions incident to modern life.

The typical Nux patient is rather thin, spare, quick, active, nervous, and irritable. He does a good deal of mental work; has mental strains and leads a sedentary life, found in prolonged office work, overstudy, and close application to business, with its cares and anxieties. This indoor life and mental strain seeks stimulants, coffee, wine, possibly in excess; or, again, he hopes to quiet his excitement, by indulging in the sedative effects of tobacco, if not really a victim, to the seductive drugs, like opium, etc.

These things are associated with other indulgences; at table, he takes preferably rich and stimulating food; wine and women play their part to make him forget the close application of the day. Late hours are a consequence; a thick head, dyspepsia, and irritable temper are the next day’s inheritance. Now he takes some cathartic, liver pills, or mineral water, and soon gets into the habit of taking these things, which still further complicate matters. Since these frailties are more yielded to by men than women. Nux is pre-eminently a male remedy.

These conditions, produce an irritable, nervous system, hypersensitive and over-impressionable, which Nux will do much to soothe and calm. Especially adapted to digestive disturbances, portal congestion, and hypochondrical states depending thereon. Convulsions, with consciousness; worse, touch, moving. Zealous fiery temperament. Nux patients are easily chilled, avoid open air, etc. Nux always seems to be out of tune; inharmonious spasmodic action.

Mind-Very irritable: sensitive to all impressions. Ugly, malicious. Cannot bear noises, odors, light, etc. Does not want to be touched. Time passes too slowly. Even the least ailment affects her greatly. Disposed to reproach others. Sullen, fault-finding.

Head – Headache in occiput or over eyes, with vertigo; brain feels turning in a circle. Oversensitiveness. Vertigo, with momentary loss of consciousness. Intoxicated feeling; worse, morning, mental exertion, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, open air. Pressing pain on vertex, as if a nail driven in. Vertigo in morning and after dinner. Scalp sensitive. Frontal headache, with desire to press the head against something. Congestive headache, associated with haemorrhoids. Headache in the sunshine. Feels distended and sore within, after a debauch.

Eyes – Photophobia; much worse in morning. Smarting dry sensation in inner canthi. Infra-orbital neuralgia, with watering of eyes. Optic nerve atrophy, from habitual use of intoxicants. Paresis of ocular muscles; worse, tobacco and stimulants. Orbital twitching radiating towards the occiput, Optic neuritis.

Ears – Itching in ear through Eustachian tube. Auditory canal dry and sensitive. Otalgia; worse in bed. Hyperaesthesia of auditory nerves; loud sounds are painful, and anger him.

Nose – Stuffed up, at night especially. Stuffy colds, snuffles, after exposure to dry, cold atmosphere; worse, in warm room. Odors tend to produce fainting. Coryza : fluent in daytime; stuffed up at night and outdoors; or alternates between nostrils. Bleeding in morning. Acrid discharge, but with stuffed-up feeling.

Mouth – Jaws, contracted. Small aphthous ulcers, with bloody saliva. First half of tongue clean; posterior covered with deep fur; white, yellow, cracked edges. Teeth ache; worse, cold things. Gums swollen, white, and bleeding.

Throat – Rough, scraped feeling. Tickling after waking in morning. Sensation of roughness, tightness, and tension. Pharynx constricted. Uvula swollen. Stitches into ear.

Stomach – Sour taste, and nausea in the morning, after eating. Weight and pain in stomach; worse, eating, some time after Flatulence and pyrosis. Sour, bitter eructations. Nausea and vomiting, with much retching. Ravenous hunger, especially about a day before an attack of dyspepsia. Region of stomach very sensitive to pressure. Epigastrium bloated, with pressure s of a stone, several hours after eating. Desire for stimulants. Loves fats and tolerates them well. (Puls. opposite.) Dyspepsia from drinking strong coffee. Difficult belching of gas. Wants to vomit, but cannot.

Abdomen – Bruised soreness of abdominal walls. Flatulent distension, with spasmodic colic. Colic from uncovering. Liver engorged, with stitches and soreness. Colic, with upward pressure, causing short breath, and desire for stool. Weakness of abdominal ring region. Strangulated hernia. Forcing in lower abdomen towards genitals. Umbilical hernia of infants.

Stool – Constipation, with frequent ineffectual urging, incomplete and unsatisfactory; feeling as if part remained unexpelled. Constriction of rectum. Irregular, peristaltic action; hence frequent ineffectual desire, or passing but small quantities at each attempt. Absence of all desire for defecation is a contra-indication. Alternate constipation and diarrhoea-after abuse of purgatives. Urging to stool felt throughout abdomen. Itching, blind haemorrhoids, with ineffectual urging to stool; very painful; fater drastic drugs. Diarrhoea after a debauch; worse, morning. Frequent small evacuations. Scanty stool, with much urging. Dysentery; stools relieve pains for a time. Constant uneasiness in rectum. Diarrhoea, with jaundice.

Urine – Irritable bladder; from spasmodic sphincter. Frequent calls; little and often. Haematuria. Ineffectual urging, spasmodic and strangury. Renal colic extending to genitals, with dribbling urine. While urinating, itching in urethra and pain in neck of bladder.

Male – Easily excited desire. Emissions from high living. Bad effects of sexual excesses. Constrictive pain in testicles. Orchitis. Spermatorrhoea, with dreams, backache, burning in spine, weakness and irritability.

Female – Menses too early, lasts too long; always irregular, blood black with faint spells. Prolapsus uteri. Dysmenorrhoea, with pain in sacrum, and constant urging to stool. Inefficient labor-pains; extend to rectum, with desire for stool and frequent urination. Desire too strong. Metrorrhagia, with sensation as if bowels wanted to move.

Respiratory – Catarrhal hoarseness, with scraping in throat. Spasmodic constriction. Asthma, with fullness in stomach, morning or after eating. Cough, with sensation as if something were torn loose in chest. Shallow respiration. Oppressed breathing. Tight, dry hacking cough; at times with bloody expectoration. Cough brings on bursting headache and bruised pain in epigastric region.

Back – Backache in lumbar region. Burning in spine; worse, 3 to 4 a.m. Cervico-brachial neuralgia; worse, touch. Must situp in order to turn in bed. Bruised pain below scapulae. Sitting is painful.

Extremities – Arms and hands go to sleep. Paresis of arms, with shocks. Legs numb; feel paralyzed; cramps in calves and soles. Partial paralysis, from overexertion or getting soaked. Cracking in knee-joints during motion. Drags his feet when walking. Sensation of sudden loss of power of arms and legs in the morning.

Sleep – Cannot sleep after 3 a.m. until towards morning; awakes feeling wretchedly. Drowsy after meals, and in early evening. Dreams full of bustle and hurry. Better after a short sleep, unless aroused.

Skin – Body burning hot, especially face; yet cannot move or uncover without feeling chilly. Urticaria, with gastric derangement. Acne; skin red and blotchy.

Fever – Cold stage predominates. Paroxysms anticipate in morning. Excessive rigor, with blueness of finger-nails.Aching in limbs and back, and gastric symptoms. Chilly; must be covered in every stage of fever. Perspiration sour; only one side of body. Chilliness on being uncovered, yet he does not allow being covered. Dry heat of the body.

Modalities – Worse, morning, mental exertion, after eating, touch, spices, stimulants, narcotics, dry weather, cold. Better, from a nap, if allowed to finish it; in evening, while at rest, in damp, wet weather, strong pressure.  Buy Now!


Laryngitis, chest colds, hemorrhaging and nerve inflammations. Phosphorus has a long lasting effect and should not be repeated often.  Buy Now!


Advanced stages of a cold with profuse thick yellowish discharge. Also helps rheumatic pain, menstrual disorders and upset stomach from overeating.  Buy Now!

Rhus Toxicodendron

Rheumatic conditions brought on by cold, wet weather.  Burning, itching vesicular skin eruptions.  Pain in joints, tendons, aggravated at first motion, improved with continued motion.  Buy Now!

Ruta Graveolens

Shinbone injury, or any injury to the periosteum (bone covering).  Useful for sprains, strains and shin splints.  A follow-up if Arnica fails.  Buy Now!

Spongia Tosta

Respiratory disorders, cough and hoarseness with painful burning throat.   Advanced stages of croup (after Aconite).  Buy Now!


Skin diseases with itching, burning and dryness.  Standing is uncomfortable to the Sulphur patient, and this remedy is used frequently in chronic conditions.  Buy Now!

Veratrum Album

Useful when diarrhea and vomiting occur simultaneously.  Patient is in a cold sweat and feels faint.  Get Excellent Discounts in our Ebay Store! – Buy Now!





Homeopathic Remedy Expiration Dates – Do Homeopathic Remedies Expire

Several years ago, I was surprised to learn that homeopathic remedies made in the form of sublingual tablets do not deteriorate and do not expire. When I was having a homeopathic remedy made at our local homeopathic pharmacy, the pharmacist told me that homeopathic remedies last for decades and decades.

We are so accustomed to buying western drug company chemical medicines that do deteriorate and do lose their effectiveness and do expire that each of us have a difficult time adjusting to the reality that homeopathic remedies do not suffer the same fate as the chemical medicines that are produced by our western drug companies.

In fact, the FDA has issued a rule which specifically states that homeopathic remedies are exempt from having any required expiration date. Some manufacturers do place an expiration date on their remedies, but those dates are not required (and those non-required dates may be more for marketing or other purposes). The FDA ruling regarding homeopathic remedy expiration dates is discussed in the Q & A below from the website of Hyland’s – one of the most prominent manufacturers of widely used homeopathic remedies.


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Do these tablets expire?

Our tablets do not expire. We don’t put expiration dates on the products, as they have been exempted from expiration dating guidelines by the FDA (CFR 211.137) The numbers that are imprinted on the edge of the labels are lot numbers – so we know exactly when the product was produced. We can track any product we made using that number.


Homeopathic Remedy Medicines: Using the proper dosage of the proper homeopathic remedy can produce powerful beneficial results

Homeopathic remedies are very powerful. So they can be very effective if you take the proper dosage of the proper homeopathic remedy.

However, there is a great misunderstanding about how much of a remedy to take and how long to take it. The dosage instructions that appear on the bottle of a homeopathic remedy that is sold in the typical store are very “general guidelines”.

In order to obtain the best results with homeopathic remedies, select the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms. In addition, in those conditions where self-treatment is appropriate, a lower potency (6x, 6C, 12x, 12C, 30x, or 30C) should be used – unless otherwise directed by a physician or other professional practitioner who is skilled in the use of homeopathic remedies.

Most skilled homeopathic physicians and practitioners suggest that homeopathic remedies be used as follows:

1 – Take one dose and wait for a response.

2 – If improvement is seen, continue to wait and let the remedy work.

3 – If improvement slows significantly or has clearly stopped, another dose may be taken.

4 – The frequency of dosage varies with the condition and the individual. Sometimes a dose may be required several times an hour; other times a dose may be indicated several times a day; and in some situations, one dose per day (or less) can be sufficient.

5 – If no response is seen within a reasonable amount of time, select a different remedy.

6 – And it is very important to remember the following: Homeopathic remedies should NEVER be TAKEN INDEFINITELY.

Once you have taken too much, you will observe some new symptoms which you did NOT have earlier.

You should definitely stop taking any particular homeopathic remedy at the point where you notice new symptoms. Why? Because that is the point at which that remedy has done all the good it can – so do not take any more of that remedy.

If you continue to repeat beyond this point, it will be detrimental to you by giving you new symptoms. Or, in other words, the remedy will graft the remedy’s own symptoms onto you. Once that happens it will be difficult to reverse.

So please remember, once you get some new symptoms, that is the signal that you have to stop taking any further tablets of that remedy, and you should wait for a long time before taking any more of that particular remedy.


Homeopathy – Study shows Homeopathic Remedies superior to prescription drugs for chronic conditions – Homeopathy’s Homeopathic remedies are proven to be of great help in relieving chronic conditions

Researchers tracked about 6500 patients with chronic health conditions for six years, and learned that homeopathic remedies helped in 70 percent of cases.

As a comparison, they also followed a similar group of patients who did not use homeopathy but, instead, used prescription medicines. After six years, these patients were found to be no better off than before they started taking the prescription medicines. -

Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine, 2005; 11: 793-8


Scientists and doctors who declare that homeopathy is bunk because of the dilution effect don’t understand the qualities of water, a leading chemist has claimed.  

Rustum Roy, research professor of materials at Arizona State University, says that water does indeed have a “memory” and can contain elements of an original substance, even after it has been diluted one million times.  

For most scientists, this is an impossibility, and one that defies all scientific laws. But, says Prof Roy, that’s because they haven’t made a special study of water. For those who have, such as Prof Martin Chaplin of the South Bank University in London, the debunkers seem to merely hold to the position that they simply don’t believe it. “Such unscientific rhetoric is heard from the otherwise sensible scientists, with a narrow view of the subject and without any examination or appreciation of the full body of evidence, and reflects badly on them,” he says.

Prof Eugene Stanley at Boston University has catalogued 64 “highly anomalous” property changes in pure water, which, according to materials science, means there must be the same number of different structures in water, or ‘polymorphism’, as he calls it.

Source:  The Guardian, December 19, 2007 – as discussed at WDDTY


What Science And History May Owe To Homeopathic Medicine – Homeopathic Remedies used and advocated by well-known and respected physicians, scientists, politicians, corporate leaders,  literary greats, and other historic leaders

A new scholarly written book describes hundreds of well-known and respected physicians, scientists, politicians, corporate leaders, and literary greats who used or advocated using homeopathic medicine. Eleven U.S. Presidents, seven popes, Sir William Osler, J.D. Rockefeller, Charles Kettering, and C. Everett Koop are among those famous people who were known to have benefited from homeopathy. Perhaps most surprisingly is the evidence of Charles Darwin’s use of homeopathic medicines and the significant results he received from them.

In the new book, The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy (North Atlantic Books, 2007), Dana Ullman presents strong evidence derived primarily from Charles Darwin’s own letters about the treatment he received from a homeopathic physician. Ullman suggests that Charles Darwin would not have lived long enough to have completed his seminal work, The Origin of Species, in 1859 if he didn’t get homeopathic treatment ten years previously.

It is well known that Darwin became very ill during his trip to South America in the late 1830s. His health continued to decline, and he was so ill that he couldn’t attend his own father’s funeral in 1848. He suffered from severe and constant nausea, heart palpitations, widespread boils, and trembling for 12 years, and by 1849, he had suffered from fainting spells and spots before his eyes for two years. According to Darwin’s letters, he was not able to work one day in every three.

Finally, in 1849, he sought the treatment from Dr. James Manby Gully, a homeopathic physician who owned a hydrotherapy spa. Although Darwin was skeptical of homeopathy, he obediently took the prescription of homeopathic medicines his doctor gave him, and within a month, his health was considerably better. Darwin didn’t have nausea for a month, gained some weight, took a seven mile walk (which he was previously unable to do), and then wrote to a friend, “I am turning into a mere walking and eating machine.” After just a month of treatment, he had to admit that Dr. Gully’s treatment was not quackery after all.

Ullman also has uncovered some of Darwin’s own experiments using extremely small “homeopathic” doses of various ammonia salts and watched their significant effects on insect-eating plants (Drosera rotundifolia). He was so shocked by his experiments that he had his son replicate them, and ultimately, he felt embarrassed to have to report on their surprising findings. Although Darwin provided details about the exceedingly small doses he tested, he never used the word “homeopathic” when referring to these experiments. He wrote, “I am quite unhappy at the thought of having to publish such a statement” about these results. An endorsement of homeopathy by Darwin at that time might have led to great antagonism against his new theories about life and evolution.




Homeopathy:   Proof from scientists about how Homeopathic Remedies work