Insomnia Remedy-Have trouble sleeping?-Wake up too soon?-Try organic honey and organic apple cider vinegar

If you have trouble getting to sleeping or staying asleep perhaps you need to change your sleeping habits. To obtain good, sound sleep, get as many hours in bed before midnight as possible and make certain that you consistently get enough hours of sleep.
To assist you in getting more sleep and a more sound sleep when you do go to bed, try organic honey and organic apple cider vinegar.
Mix two teaspoons of organic honey and two teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar in a full glass of water. Drink the entire glass just before going to bed.
Organic honey promotes good sound sleep because it is pre-digested sugar, a natural sedative.
Organic honey is pre-digested sugar because it was digested by the honey bee. Thus, the human body does not have to devote any energy to digesting the organic honey. Organic honey is already fully digested when it enters our bodies.
 As a result, less than a half hour after organic honey is consumed, the organic honey has already been absorbed into our bloodstream. And it is working to help us get a better night’s sleep by helping us to sleep longer and sleep more soundly. 
Good night….   
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