Back pain problems – How to alleviate SIJD or sacroiliac joint dysfunction – A major cause of back, buttock, or leg pain, and even sciatica pain

Problems with the sacroiliac joint are a major - and in much of the world are thought to be the number one - cause of Back pain, buttock pain, or leg pain and even Sciatica.    

The SI joint can easily become a bit twisted, irritated, or  inflamed and thus not function properly.  When the sacroiliac joint does not function properly, it is called SIJD or SacroIliac Joint Dysfunction. 

SIJD results in lumbar or lower Back pain, buttock pain,  leg pain, and even Sciatica.  The SI joint can also become arthritic.

The Sacroiliac joint (SI joint) connects the base of the spine to the pelvis. It connects the spine to the right ilium at two points or areas on the right side and connects the spine to the left ilium at two points or areas on the left side. 

These joint’s four connection points have a kind of interlocking mechanism that limits movement at the joint.  The SI joint is supported by a large, strong network of  muscles and ligaments because the SI joint is a weight-bearing joint.  If any of these muscles or ligaments fail to function optimally, the SI joint fails to function properly and you may get back, buttock, or leg pain or even Sciatica.

Here are some quick exercises to help alleviate and maybe even prevent SI joint dysfunction and pain. 

In the video, Jesse talks about Muscle Imbalances.  Muscle Balance Therapy is one of the most effective and underrated treatments for back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, sciatica and more.  Visit Lose Back Pain to watch a short, but excellent video about muscle imbalances and how to use Muscle Balance Therapy.  The site has tons of great information – both free and not-free – so give it a look.  Muscle Balance Therapy works!  I used it to eliminate a decades-old chronic back problem.  


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